e-Wallet Vending Machine Business Essentials

by wind, September 19, 2021

e-Wallet Payment Terminal – Essential tool for Cashless Vending Machine

Cashless payment is now a norm in all aspects of life like it or not.

Cashless brings so much convenience to our daily life that we do not need the hassles of carrying thick purse, heavy coins, and risk of being clumsy that turns into easy target to snatch thieves.

To the many consumers, the BEST option to cashless transactions is e-Wallet.

While, to the business owners, to cater to the many consumers with different age groups, the BEST TOOL is e-wallet payment terminal!

e-Wallet Payment Terminal – Essential tool for Cashless Vending Machine

WHAT CAN e-Wallet Payment Terminal DO TO BUSINESS OWNERS and winning its CUSTOMERS?

  1. Fast and convenience
    e-Wallet payment offers swift payment process, without the need to draw physical paper notes and coins and feeding the vending slots. Customers simply Tap and Pay cuts down on queues and waiting time!

  2. Security
    Consumers do not need to carry cash notes/coins to make purchases. Eliminating the risk of theft carrying purse walking around and about.

  3. Tracking and Monitoring
    e-Wallet payment provides a history recording all transaction activities to consumers for ease of reference.

  4. Returns and refund
    e-Wallet transactions warrant tracking of successful transactions and eliminate the occurrence of dissatisfy customer if transactions did not go through. Returns and refund is tracked with history records. Unlike the manual physical money slot which sometimes is clogged and changes did not flow out smoothly, RESULTED UNHAPPY CUSTOMERS.

  5. Annoying coin changes
    Consumers do not need to worry about heavy coin changes, inaccurate or no coin changes flow out from the vending slot due to clogging/jammed slot.

  6. NOW trending!
    The evolution of e-Wallet payment method in vending machine, brings AMAZING acceptance to customers, as the shifting of physical money transaction to e-Wallet payment brings WONDEFUL buying experience, convenience and safety to consumers.
    e-Wallet is in trend as it gains its popularity to replace physical cash transactions. And MORE AND MORE Business Operators favour the e-Wallet Payment concept.

  7. Cutting down contact to physical cash notes and coins that carry germs and pathogens
    With cashless transactions, totally devoid of contacting of physical paper monies and coins that changes hands that carrying germs.

    WHO’s collation of evidence found that contact precautions are to be observed due to the highly infectious of the COVID-19 virus, more and more consumers are shifting to contactless transactions, and even more so prefer unattended retail, ie. vending machines to cut down on interaction with people.