E-Wallet Payment Terminal - Winning Tool to Vending Machine Business Owners

by wind, September 16, 2021

E-Wallet Payment Terminal - Winning Tool to Vending Machine Business Owners

  1. Fast and Convenience – Increase in SALES
    As buying and paying process are fast and speedy, and consumers are carrying less cash. The conducive buying and paying experience making customers more inclined to buy more.

  2. Consumers shifting to mobile payments – Essential TOOL, not option!
    Consumers carry smart phones everywhere.
    Consumers never leave home without their smart phones.
    But they can leave home without carrying cash/coins.
    Installing vending machines with e-Wallet Payment Terminal ensures we meet the trend and bring convenience to customers to buy 24/7.

    No more worries on theft of cash by employees, counterfeit cash notes.
    No more worries on break-ins of machines that causing extensive damage to machines, costs to be incurred on repairing, and loss of cash collected from sales.
    Total devoid of trips to collecting and transporting of cash/coins, preparing cash/coins floats and counting of cash/coins AND GERMS!!!

    All transactions and collections will be directly routed to SMART APP and your bank account.

  4. Records and reports, alerts and notifications
    Plugging on to IoT technology, the smart APP compiles business data provides business owners with essential business and operation data REALTIME. Making monitoring and managing of vending machines OFF-SITE24/7 possible!
    The smart APP provides machine status, faulty incidents, refunds, notifications and alerts REALTIME remotely.

  5. Trendy and aesthetical look
    e-Wallet Payment Terminal add a sleek look to the machines, transforming the vending machines to look and feel clean, hygienic and pleasant to view. Unlike the cash/coins slot feeder, vending machines look messy and extremely unhygienic.

  6. New venture opportunities to vend high value products
    With the sleek look and aesthetically pleasant to view e-Wallet Payment Terminal outlook add-on to the vending machines, more upmarket business strategies are possible, ie. upmarket locations, high value product choices, higher income consumer group target, etc.

    In Japan and in most countries, vending machine is a lucrative business and is always being treated as side job. Thanks to transpire Bytes, the e-wallet payment terminal is designed to EMPOWER small vending machines business players to grow big without burning a hole in your pocket. We too can grow our Malaysia vending machine market to match those of Japan. Come speak to US!!